BankART School
The BankART School covers a wide range of subjects, including fine arts, theater, photography, architecture, music, and dance, and its instructors are all leading figures in their respective genres. The level of courses varies from workshops for children to highly specialized courses, but all are offered in small groups, with the goal of becoming a modern-day 'terakoya' that emphasizes close interaction between the instructors and students.

Outline of BankART school

Time: 7:30pm - 9:00pm Venue: BankART Station and BankART KAIKO
Fee = 15,000 yen per course Enrollment fee 3,000 yen (for first-time students only)
Inquiries (BankART School Office)
e-mail: school@bankart1929.com
tel: 045-663-2812
fax: 045-663-2813

School Archives