Main programming

The mission of this project is to manifest Yokohama's historical assets and available space in a contemporary context. We have developed the programming to draw out the potential of Yokohama's historical buildings, urban development, food, fashion, photography, dance (butoh), and other art practices. We have organized exhibitions throughout the city, such as the Food and Contemporary Art, the Landmark Project (a series of exhibitions held throughout the city), and performing arts events presented by the Kazuo Ohno Festival, Cafe Live, young artists' support programs such as Under 35, and large-scale solo exhibitions (Noriyuki Haraguchi, Setsu Asakura, Tadashi Kawamata, Shintaro Tanaka, Kenjiro Okazaki, Kōdai Nakahara, Yukinori Yanagi), international exhibitions, and comprehensive events such as BankART Life in conjunction with the Yokohama Triennale.

Large-scale solo exhibitions

Noriyuki Haraguchi / Setsu Asakura / Tadashi Kawamata / Shintaro Tanaka / Kenjiro Okazaki / Kōdai Nakahara / Yukinori Yanagi, etc.

Under35 / Over35

BankART Under 35 is a series of solo exhibitions of artists under 35 years old; Over 35 is held by artists over 35, and both exhibitions are held simultaneously.

BankART Station Theater

With the vast basement space, the BankART Station Theater will periodically hold screenings of film and video works. Visitors can enjoy the films on a large screen while relaxing on sofas.

Pop-Up Store

An infrequent program to promote notable art-related and independent stores, labels, galleries, etc. This project is intended to be something between an exhibition and a store.

Food and Contemporary Art

The "Food and Contemporary Art" series has evolved from exhibitions within BankART's facilities to networking and collaborating each time with restaurants in the neighborhood. Through the exchange of food culture and artworks, the series explores food's private, regional, shared, violent, critical, historical, spatial, and inclusive nature.

Café Live

Cafe Live is a series of live performances that make use of BankART's distinctive space. Enjoy the free atmosphere with a refreshment.