Pop-up Store
An infrequent program to promote notable art-related and independent stores, labels, galleries, etc. This project is intended to be something between an exhibition and a store.

BankART KAIKO Pop-up Store Vol.2

BEZEL Contemporary Jewelry

Duration: Friday, August 18 - Sunday, September 3, 2023
*Shop areas are open from Thursday to Sunday. Closed Monday through Wednesday.
Hours: 11am~7pm *Closes at 5pm on the final day (September 3)
Opening reception: Friday, August 18 from 7pm
Venue: BankART KAIKO (KITANAKA BRICK & WHITE 1F, 5-57-2 Kitanaka-dori, Naka-ku, Yokohama)
Free Admission

Presented by: BankART1929
Organized by: BEZEL Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition Executive Committee

For "BankART KAIKO Pop-up Store Vol.2," BankART1929 will present "BEZEL Contemporary Jewelry," a group exhibition focusing on the field of contemporary jewelry, which is relatively unknown in the Japanese jewelry scene. This exhibition brings together contemporary jewelry artists who explore the balance between artistry and utilitarianism.
BEZEL = base, in jewelry, plays an essential function as a frame supporting the ring while accentuating the gemstone. The artists in this exhibition incorporate "BEZEL" as a signifier and explore alternative methods of expression beyond the conventional framework.
The five artists will unveil their 'conceptual jewelry' themed works through installations, photography, and other mediums bringing innovative jewelry creations that transcend categorization, beauty, and traditional concepts to be viewed through their unique approaches and techniques.
Alongside the exhibition space, a shop area will be set up where visitors can try on each artist's original jewelry and purchase the work.
We hope this rare opportunity will allow guests to appreciate the fine details of jewelry work by experiencing the fine qualities of the materials used and to take pleasure in wearing such unique pieces of art. We welcome you to explore contemporary jewelry's allure and hidden potential and discover new ways of perceiving this lush world.

Participating Artists


Yukari Adachi

Naoko Ogawa

Berlin, Germany

Kaori Tazoe / small factory ring


Sae Honda




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